Benzosali belongs to lớn the group of drugs for the treatment of dermatological diseases. The drug is indicated for the treatment of common cases of dermatitis. Let's learn Benzosali drug about how to lớn use and note when using the drug in the article below.

1. What is Benzosali?

Benzosali contains ingredients Benzoic acid nội dung of 0.6g, Salicylic acid nội dung of 0.3g and other excipients just enough for 1 tube of 10g provided by the manufacturer. The drug is prepared in the khuông of a topical ointment, packed in a box of 1 tube of 10g. The effect of the active ingredient Benzoic acid is to lớn work with Salicylic acid in skin creams to lớn reduce inflammation or irritation caused by the unwanted effects of Salicylic acid.
The effect of the active ingredient Salicylic acid is to lớn soften, destroy and peel the stratum corneum on the skin. In addition, this active ingredient also has a mild antiseptic effect on the damaged skin.

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2. What are the effects of Benzosali?

Benzosali is indicated for the treatment of the following cases:
Treatment of inflammatory skin conditions caused by fungal diseases such as tinea versicolor, hair fungus and interstitial fungus. Treatment of localized hyperkeratosis on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Treatment of psoriasis, which has scaling on areas of the skin such as the scalp or in other areas of the skin with moderate or higher. Helps relieve symptoms caused by seborrheic dermatitis. In addition, Benzosali is contraindicated in the following cases:
Patients are allergic to lớn the active ingredients Benzoic acid, Salicylic acid or any antibiotic of the Macrolide group or other excipients in the composition of the drug. Pregnant women. Do not use the drug on the mucous membranes or use the drug on a large area of ​​the skin.

3. Dosage and how to lớn use Benzosali

The drug is prepared in the khuông of skin ointment, so sánh patients use the drug by applying it directly to lớn the skin of the affected area to lớn be treated. Clean the area to lớn be applied the medicine clean before applying the medicine. Take an appropriate amount of medicine for the area of ​​skin to lớn be treated. Gently rub the medicine to lớn help it fully absorb into the upper skin. Wash hands after use to lớn avoid superinfection or bacterial transmission to lớn healthy skin. The drug should be applied 1-2 times per day to lớn achieve the desired effect. Can be used simultaneously with topical alcohol drugs such as ASA or BSI to lớn improve the treatment effect. Note: This is the reference dose provided by the manufacturer. The treating doctor depends on the medical condition and health of each patient to lớn prescribe the appropriate dose.

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4. Side effects of Benzosali

Doctors always consider between the benefits that Benzosali brings to lớn the patient and the possible risk of side effects to lớn prescribe the appropriate medication.
Some possible side effects when using the drug are recorded including:
Mild skin irritation, stinging sensation when applying the medicine, skin corrosion, dry skin, peeling of the outer layer of skin. In case of large-scale drug use for a long time, there may be a risk of salicylate poisoning with symptoms such as:
Confusion, headache, dizziness, rapid breathing, heaviness in the head, ringing in the ears. Note: In case the patient occurs side effects that are not mentioned in the instruction sheet. Inform your doctor or medical officer immediately if you suspect any side effects of Benzosali.

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5. Benzosali drug interactions

During the use of Benzosali, drug interactions may occur when Benzosali is used in combination with other drugs or products to lớn tư vấn skin use.
The above interactions may be incomplete, so sánh if during the use of Benzosali, the user suspects that interactions with food, drugs or other functional foods, please stop using this medicine and seek medical attention immediately.
To avoid interactions, before being prescribed Benzosali, patients should inform their doctors about all the drugs they are using, including functional foods. The doctor will base on that to lớn prescribe the appropriate Benzosali.

6. Notes when using Benzosali

Some notes when the patient uses Benzosali as follows:
Be careful with the skin where the medicine is applied, if the medicine comes into liên hệ with the skin of another person, there may be irritating reactions on the healthy skin. If the drug is indicated for treatment in the closed skin area - covered by clothing, the patient needs to lớn inform the doctor to lớn be prescribed the appropriate dose and number of times to lớn take the drug daily. Be careful not to lớn get the medicine in your eyes. In case of accidental liên hệ with eyes, rinse immediately under clean running water. If there is severe eye irritation, the patient should be taken to lớn a medical facility immediately for timely first aid. Patients should take the medicine at the right dose, in the full dose according to lớn the instructions on the instruction sheet or follow the treatment regimen prescribed by the doctor or pharmacist to lớn ensure optimal treatment effect. Benzosali may increase your skin's sensitivity to lớn sunlight. Therefore, during the time of using the drug, the patient should cover the treatment area when moving and doing outdoor activities. In case the patient has used the drug continuously for 7 days but does not see clinical symptoms improve or even worsen. The patient should stop taking the drug and notify the treating doctor for advice. Patients need to lớn carefully kiểm tra the expiry date of the drug before using it to lớn ensure safety, to lớn avoid endangering the patient's life because expired ingredients of the drug can cause toxicity. Pregnant women: When using Benzosali, there may be potential risks affecting the fetus such as miscarriage, malformation,... Therefore, this drug should not be used during pregnancy, unless when absolutely necessary for the therapeutic benefit of the mother and prescribed by a physician. Lactation: Although the drug is known to lớn be excreted in human milk, its effect on a nursing infant has not been adequately studied. Therefore, in order to lớn avoid potential risks that may directly affect the nursing infant, the drug should not be used unless prescribed by the treating physician. The patient can stop breastfeeding if the drug must be taken for the treatment of the mother's illness.

7. What to lớn tự when you miss a dose, overdose of Benzosali?

If you forget to lớn apply the medicine, the patient should apply it immediately when he remembers. The drug may be taken 1-2 hours later kêu ca the usual dosing time. But when it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose. Patients should never take a double dose to lớn làm đẹp for the missed dose. When taking an overdose, patients often experience symptoms such as itching, skin allergies, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, hypotension, convulsions, shortness of breath, respiratory failure, tachycardia... In this case, the drug should be stopped immediately when detecting the above side effects and informing the treating doctor. If the above symptoms tự not improve and get worse, the patient should be taken to lớn the nearest medical facility. Patients should remember to lớn bring used medicines so sánh that the doctor can understand and handle quickly and promptly. Above is information about the uses, dosage and precautions when using Benzosali. To ensure safety for health and maximize the effectiveness of treatment, patients need to lớn take Benzosali exactly as directed by the doctor. Note, Benzosali is a prescription drug, patients absolutely must not use it without a prescription from a specialist.