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Crocin kid 100 is often used mainly to lớn treat infections of the respiratory tract, urinary tract, ... for both children and adults. During the use of Crocin kid 100, patients need to lớn carefully read the notes and strictly follow the dosage recommended by the doctor to lớn get effective results soon.

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1. What is Crocin kid 100?

Crocin kid 100 belongs to lớn the group of prescription drugs used to lớn treat urinary tract infections, acute otitis truyền thông, respiratory tract infections,... Crocin kid 100 has the ability to lớn kill bacteria. effective pathogens, thereby helping patients gradually recover health.
Crocin kid 100 is prepared in powder size and packed in boxes of 14 x 2g or 25 packs x 2g. Each pack of Crocin kid 100 contains the following active ingredients:
Main active ingredient: Cefixime 100mg. Other excipients: Orange flavor, lemon flavor, Aspartame, Sucrose sugar, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide and Mannitol.

2. What are the uses of Crocin kid 100?

Crocin kid 100 is often prescribed by doctors to lớn treat infections caused by susceptible strains of bacteria, including:
Sinusitis, pneumonia, acute & chronic bronchitis, tonsillitis, sore throat. Acute otitis truyền thông. Nephritis - pyelonephritis, cystitis, uncomplicated or complicated urinary tract infections caused by Enterobacteriaceae. Uncomplicated gonorrhea. Cholecystitis or cholangitis. Dysentery or typhoid. Community-acquired pneumonia is mild - moderate.

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3. Dosage and how to lớn use Crocin kid 100

3.1 Recommended dosage of Crocin kid 100 Dosage for adults:
Treatment of gonococcal urethritis (uncomplicated): 400mg single oral dose. Treatment of other bacterial infections: Oral 200-400mg / day, 1-2 times / day. Pediatric dose:
Children over 12 years of age with bacterial infections: Take a dose equivalent to lớn the recommended adult dose. Children from 6 months to lớn 12 years old: Take 8mg/kg toàn thân weight/day. Pediatric patients can take the drug once or divide the dose into 2 times / day, each dose is 12 hours apart. Dose for patients with renal failure:
Clearance less than vãn 60ml/min: Need to lớn reduce dose of Crocin kid 100 for patients. Clearance 21 - 60ml/min: Take 75% of the standard dose, keeping the usual dosing intervals. Applies to lớn patients undergoing hemodialysis. Clearance less than vãn 20ml/min: Take một nửa standard dose, keeping dosing intervals as usual. This also applies to lớn patients undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. Elderly patients: No dose adjustment is required, except in cases of impaired renal function and clearance 60 ml/min. 3.2 Instructions for proper use of Crocin kid 100 medicine Crocin kid 100 is taken orally with standard dosages as recommended by a specialist. Patients should take the drug about 30 minutes after a meal for the active ingredients to lớn work best. The duration of treatment with Crocin kid 100 will be determined specifically depending on the type of infection the patient has:
Upper respiratory tract infection (due to lớn Group A beta hemolytic Streptococcus): Treatment for at least 10 days with Crocin kid 100. Uncomplicated urinary tract infections: Treat within 5-10 days. Otitis truyền thông and lower respiratory tract infections: Treat within 10-14 days. Before using Crocin kid 100, patients should carefully read the instructions printed on the product label and carefully consult the doctor's advice for early treatment results.
3.3 How to lớn khuyến mãi with an overdose of Crocin kid 100 Taking an overdose of the prescribed dose of Crocin kid 100 can cause the patient to lớn experience dangerous convulsions. Currently, there is no specific treatment for Crocin kid 100 overdose, the treatment mainly focuses on symptom resolution.
When there is an overdose of Crocin kid 100, the user needs to lớn stop using the drug immediately and go to lớn a medical facility for tư vấn. Physicians may perform overdosage management methods such as gastric lavage or administer anticonvulsants when clinically indicated.
Because Crocin kid 100 is not removed by hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis should not be applied to lớn the patient.

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4. Side effects of Crocin kid 100

During the treatment of bacterial infections with Crocin kid 100, patients may experience some of the following unwanted side effects:
Common side effects: Headache, digestive disorders, loss of appetite. drowsiness, dizziness, erythema, urticaria, fatigue, drug fever. Gastrointestinal symptoms may occur within the first 1-2 days of taking the drug, however, symptoms are usually mild and rarely require discontinuation of treatment. Uncommon side effects: Pseudomembranous colitis, severe diarrhea due to lớn Clostridium difficile, angioedema, anaphylaxis, erythema multiforme, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, transient eosinophilia past, decreased hematocrit/hemoglobin concentration, jaundice, hepatitis, transient increase in ALT/AST, increased bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, increased plasma non-protein nitrogen, acute renal failure, vaginitis, vaginal candidiasis, increased transient plasma creatinine concentration. When one of the side effects mentioned above occurs after taking Crocin kid 100, the patient needs to lớn temporarily stop taking the drug and notify the doctor for a quick fix.

5. Things to lớn note when using Crocin kid 100

5.1 Contraindication to lớn using Crocin kid 100 Do not use Crocin kid 100 for the following subjects:
Patients who are allergic or have a history of hypersensitivity to lớn the active ingredient Cefixime or any of the excipients contained in the drug. . Contraindicated in patients with a history of anaphylaxis due to lớn penicillin use. Contraindicated for use in children under 6 months of age, people with severe liver or kidney failure. Relatively contraindicated for pregnant women or nursing mothers. 5.2 What precautions should be taken when treating with Crocin kid 100? The treatment of bacterial infections with Crocin kid 100 should be very careful, because the drug may have some potential side effects. As recommended by a specialist, when using Crocin kid 100, patients should note the following:
Use Crocin kid 100 with caution in patients with a history of allergy to lớn Cephalosporin and Penicillin, because There is a risk of cross-sensitivity reactions between beta-lactam antibiotics. Caution should be exercised when using Crocin kid 100 for a long time in patients with a history of colitis or gastrointestinal disease. The administration of drugs to lớn these subjects may increase the risk of uncontrolled development of resistant strains of bacteria. When using Crocin kid 100 for patients with impaired renal function, it is necessary to lớn consider reducing the dose as well as the frequency of taking the drug. There are currently no specific data on the safety and effectiveness of the drug in children under 6 months of age, so sánh the drug should not be used for this population. Pregnant and lactating women use the drug only when absolutely necessary. The drug does not affect the patient's ability to lớn operate machines or drive. 5.3 Interaction of Crocin kid 100 with other drugs Crocin kid 100 may interact with some of the following drugs:
Co-administration with Probenecid may reduce the volume of distribution of the drug as well as its renal clearance. . Warfarin anticoagulants used with Cefixime may prolong prothrombin time, accompanied by bleeding. Increases plasma concentrations of carbamazepine. Increased bioavailability of Cefixime when co-administered with nifedipine. The above is all important information about the drug Crocin kid 100. Understanding and understanding its use helps the patient's medication process to lớn be more effective.

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