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Elthon is a medicine used to lớn treat abnormal gastrointestinal symptoms in functional dyspepsia or chronic gastritis (non-ulcer dyspepsia). So what effect does elthon have and is it good to lớn use it for a long time?

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Elthon medicine contains the active ingredient itopride hydrochloride with a strength of 50mg. Other excipients include lactose hydrate, corn starch, carmellose, mild anhydrous silicic acid, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, macrogol 6000, titanium oxide, carnauba wax.
Elthon is in the size of white, film-coated tablets. The pellet diameter is approximately 7.3mm, the thickness is approximately 3.1mm and the average weight is approximately 0.13g.

2. What effect does elthon have?

The active ingredient itopride in elthon stimulates the toàn thân to lớn increase the release of acetylcholine (ACh) through two mechanisms. The first mechanism is an antagonistic effect of dopamine D2 receptors and the other mechanism is the inhibition of acetylcholine breakdown through inhibition of the enzyme Acetylcholinesterase. The over result is stimulation of increased gastric and intestinal motility.
Some animal studies show the ability to lớn increase gastric motility of the drug elthon:
Itopride hydrochloride stimulates increased gastric motility in awake dogs and the increase is dose dependent; Increase gastric emptying capacity: Active ingredient Itopride hydrochloride helps to lớn increase gastric emptying ability in experimental humans, dogs and rats. In addition, the drug elthon also helps to lớn reduce vomiting. Active ingredient Itopride hydrochloride can inhibit apomorphine-induced vomiting reflex in dogs. The antiemetic effect of elthon will depend on the dose used.

Thuốc Elthon

Thuốc elthon là gì? Thuốc có công năng tăng nhu động bao tử, hạn chế ói mửa.

3. Instructions for using the drug elthon

Indications for use of elthon: Support the treatment of gastrointestinal symptoms in chronic gastritis or functional dyspepsia, including: feeling of fullness or bloating, upper pain, loss of appetite, heartburn, nausea and vomiting...
Dosage: The usual dose of itopride in adults is 150mg/day, equivalent to lớn 3 elthon pills, divided into 3 doses before meals. Dosage can be adjusted or decreased depending on a number of factors such as age, medical history of each patient.
Some contraindications to lớn the use of elthon:
History of hypersensitivity or allergy to lớn itopride or any ingredient in elthon; Not recommended for use by pregnant or lactating women unless directed by a physician. Some notes on warnings to lớn be cautious in the process of using elthon:
Patients should pay special attention while using elthon because of the possibility of side effects due to lớn increased acetylcholine activity; Is elthon good for a long time? Doctors recommend that patients should not use itopride long-term, especially when gastrointestinal symptoms tự not improve.

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4. Undesirable effects of the drug elthon

Some side effects of elthon drug recorded at the time of being licensed in nhật bản in 14 (about 2.45%) of 572 patients, including:
Diarrhea: 4 cases (accounting for 0.7) %); Headache: 2 cases (accounting for 0.35%); Abdominal pain: 2 cases (accounting for 0.35%); The results of some laboratory tests were abnormal, such as leukopenia (4 cases), increased prolactin (2 cases). After a period of re-evaluation, undesirable effects of elthon were recorded in 74 (about 1.25%) of 5913 patients, including:
Diarrhea: 13 cases (accounting for 0.22%); Abdominal pain: 8 cases (accounting for 0.14%); Constipation: 8 cases (accounting for 0.14%); Increased AST (GOT): 8 cases (accounting for 0.14%); Increased ALT (GPT): 8 cases (accounting for 0.14%). Some undesirable side effects of elthon are clinically significant:
Shock and hypersensitivity reactions (rate of occurrence is not clear): This undesirable effect can occur at any time. Therefore, the patient needs to lớn be closely monitored. During use, if you notice any unusual signs of shock and hypersensitivity reactions, such as hypotension, laryngeal edema, difficulty breathing, urticaria, pale skin, sweating .. the patient should immediately stop taking the drug and liên hệ medical personnel for appropriate treatment; Liver dysfunction and jaundice (incidence unknown): This side effect of elthon with elevation of liver enzymes AST (GOT), ALT (GPT) and γ-GTP... can occur in drug process. Therefore, if abnormal signs related to lớn liver function are recorded such as jaundice, right upper quadrant pain..., the patient should stop taking the drug and liên hệ the doctor as soon as possible.

5. Some notes during the use of elthon drugs

Elthon should only be used in women who are pregnant or may become pregnant when the expected benefits outweigh the risks or possible side effects. It should be noted that the safety of elthon in pregnant women has not been established; To ensure safety, it is best not to lớn use elthon in cases of breastfeeding. However, if absolutely necessary, the patient can temporarily stop breastfeeding while using this medicine. There are now reports that the active ingredient itopride hydrochloride can be excreted in human milk in animal experiments; Using elthon for the elderly: Because the physiological function in the elderly has decreased, the possibility of unwanted effects will be higher. Therefore, the indication for use of itopride in the elderly requires careful monitoring, if side effects occur, appropriate measures should be taken (such as dose reduction or drug discontinuation); Pediatric use of elthon: The safety of elthon in children has not been established because there is little clinical evidence.

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Thuốc elthon cần phải dùng theo như đúng chỉ dẫn của bác bỏ sĩ.

6. Elthon drug interactions

Patients need to lớn be careful when using elthon in combination with anticholinergic drugs such as Tiquizium bromide, scopolamine butylbromide, timepidium bromide... When using these drugs at the same time, if the above can lead to lớn decreased effects, increased effects. gastrointestinal motility of the active ingredient Itopride. This is because the inhibitory effect of anticholinergics may antagonize the effect of the itopride in elthon.

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