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Montiget is a drug that belongs vĩ đại the group of drugs for respiratory diseases. The main active ingredient in the drug is Montelukast. In addition, the drug montiget 4mg also has the drug montiget 5mg. These two drugs are just dosage adjustments for the convenience of many users.

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1. Subjects indicated and contraindicated vĩ đại use montiget 4mg

The main pharmaceutical ingredient montelukast of montiget 4mg is a commonly used substance in the treatment of chronic asthma. The pharmacology of this drug may be suitable for use in infants from 6 months of age. Specifically, according vĩ đại indications, the drug can be used for some of the following purposes:
Relieve asthma symptoms both during the day and at night. Use asthma treatment if the patient has a history of hypersensitivity vĩ đại ASPIRIN. Prevents the risk of bronchospasm when exercising a lot. In addition, in children over 2 years old, it can be used vĩ đại limit the manifestations of allergic rhinitis in the humid climate seasons. In addition vĩ đại the indications, the drug montiget 4 mg also has contraindications. Although the drug is used for patients who are sensitive vĩ đại aspirin, it can still cause allergies if the ingredients of the drug cause health problems for the patient.
What is more remarkable is that although montiget treats chronic asthma, it is not used in patients with acute asthma. Long-standing asthmatic conditions are not indicated because pharmacokinetics are no longer warranted in combination with conventional therapy.

2. The main notes when using montiget 4mg

In the process of using the drug, normal habits may inadvertently be dangerous or affect the effect. First, it is important vĩ đại thoroughly understand the interactions as well as the body's response vĩ đại the drug.
The drug montiget cannot be used as a substitute for oral or inhaled corticosteroids. A sudden change always carries many risks, sánh slowly reduce the dose and then replace the drug used vĩ đại ensure safety for the toàn thân. Drug interactions are random and depend on many environmental and physical factors for each person. If leukotriene receptor antagonists have not been established, attention should be paid vĩ đại the dose of corticosteroids. Patients with severe asthma will require medication. However, it should not be used when the toàn thân is trying vĩ đại work and has an asthma attack. Note that it is necessary vĩ đại have medicine ready vĩ đại use when feeling that the toàn thân has changed or an asthma attack is coming vĩ đại extinguish it soon. If the patient is allergic vĩ đại aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, avoid using these drugs and replace with montiget if the toàn thân is suitable for the drug. Sodium montelukast can be used as a bronchodilator. These require careful monitoring of treatment and clinical analysis vĩ đại ensure safety.

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3. Some side effects found in people taking montiget 4mg

Most of the ingredients in montiget 4mg after use are quite well absorbed in the patient's toàn thân. But the analyzed experiments also found side effects ranging from mild vĩ đại severe. If the side effects are mild and gradually subside, the patient will not need vĩ đại stop taking the drug.
Patient may be sensitive vĩ đại one or more components of the drug. When this situation occurs, the user will experience symptoms such as: swollen veins, itchy rash, skin rash, urticaria... In addition, there may be infiltration in liver white blood cells, but rarely when appearing.
The feeling of neurosis causing fatigue has been proven in the trials. People who use the drug will fall into delirium or hallucinations, causing the toàn thân vĩ đại change personality and reduce health. At the same time, sweat glands also increase the amount of secretion. About this symptom will be easy vĩ đại recognize sánh it can be detected early.
The effects of the drug can lead vĩ đại digestive disorders that make users nauseous, diarrhea, even constipation. Along with that, it may be a pain from the muscle or muscle spasm that makes the patient weaker.
The effect of the drug on the nervous system will spread and cause many reactions vĩ đại nearby organs. Users who experience side effects will feel numb or shaky limbs, dry lips, joint pain and dizziness. Even more dangerous is that it can increase the possibility of blood loss and the appearance of many bruises and swellings on the toàn thân.

4. Reference dosage of the drug

The drug montiget is mainly aimed at children. For infants over 6 months under 2 years old, use only when prescribed by a doctor. Children from 2 vĩ đại 5 years old use when allergic rhinitis occurs due vĩ đại weather. Chew 1 tablet 4mg daily. Children 6 vĩ đại 14 years of age with asthma or allergic rhinitis will receive a dose of 5 mg.
Montiget 4mg chewable tablet can be used for many subjects with asthma or allergic rhinitis. However, people who operate machinery or women who are pregnant should talk vĩ đại their doctor vĩ đại kiểm tra the safety of the drug.

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