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Pidazol is a medicine used vĩ đại treat acute and chronic or recurrent oral infections, vĩ đại prevent infections after oral surgery. Using Pidazol exactly as prescribed by your doctor will help you ensure your safety and maximize the effectiveness of your treatment.

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1. What is Pidazol?

Pidazol belongs vĩ đại the group of drugs used vĩ đại treat parasites, infections, viruses and fungi. The drug is prepared in the sườn of film-coated tablets, packing specifications: Box of 2 blisters, 10 blisters, đôi mươi blisters x 10 tablets (aluminum-PVC blister).
Ingredients in Pidazol include:
Active ingredients: Spiramycin 750000IU and Metronidazol 125mg. Excipients with sufficient drug content: Mannitol, Povidon k30, Microcrystalline Cellulose 101, Magnesium stearate, corn starch, Sodium starch glycolate, Talc, Opadry pink enough.

With the above active ingredients, Pidazol is used in the treatment of the following diseases:
Acute and chronic or recurrent oral infections such as: gingivitis, gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontitis, inflammation salivary glands, tooth abscesses; Prevention of infection after oral surgery.

3. Dosage of Pidazol

Pidazol drug has a reference dose as follows:
Children 6 - 10 years old: Take 2 Pidazol tablets twice daily with meals. Children 10 - 15 years old: Take 3 Pidazol tablets 3 times a day with meals. Adults: Take 4-6 tablets per day divided into 2-3 times with meals. In severe cases, up vĩ đại 8 Pidazol tablets can be used per day. Note: The above dose of Pidazol is for reference only. The specific dose of Pidazol will depend on the condition and the progression of the disease. To get the right dose of Pidazol, patients need vĩ đại consult their doctor/pharmacist.

4. Contraindications vĩ đại Pidazol

Do not use Pidazol in the following cases:
Patients with hypersensitivity vĩ đại active ingredients Spiramycin, Erythromycin and other Imidazol. Do not combine Pidazol with Disulfiram and alcohol. Pidazol should not be used in people with severe liver and kidney disease. Contraindicated in nursing women and children under 6 years of age.

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5. Notes when using Pidazol

During the use of Pidazol, patients should note:
Discontinue the drug in case of dizziness, loss of coordination or mental confusion. During the use of Pidazol should not drink alcohol or use pharmaceutical products, foods containing alcohol. Pidazol should be used with caution in patients with liver dysfunction, central or peripheral neuropathy. Monitor white blood cell count when taking high dose or prolonged Pidazol or cases with a history of blood organ disorders.

6. Side effects when taking Pidazol

Besides the therapeutic effects, patients using Pidazol may also experience some of the following side effects:
Digestive disorders; Stomach pain; Nausea and vomiting; Diarrhea; Skin allergies; Hives; Headache ; Anorexia; Dry mouth or unpleasant metallic taste. Dark urine Dizziness, ataxia, paresthesia, polyneuritis when taking Pidazol for a long time; Pancreatitis is reversible. Inform the doctor about the unwanted effects encountered when using Pidazol for appropriate management.

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7. Interactions with other drugs

Interactions related vĩ đại the active ingredient Spiramycin in Pidazol:
The effectiveness of birth control pills is reduced when used concurrently with the active ingredient Spiramycin. Spiramycin is inhibited by carbidopa absorption, thereby causing a decrease in Levodopa plasma concentrations. In case of need vĩ đại combine 2 drugs, clinical monitoring and adjustment of Levodopa dose is required. Interactions related vĩ đại the active ingredient Metronidazol in Pidazol:
Metronidazol increases the effect of anticoagulants, especially with Warfarin. Metronidazole used concurrently with Disulfiram can cause delusional attacks and psychosis. Concomitant use with Phenobarbital will increase metabolism and increase elimination of active substance Metronidazole. Metronidazole increases blood lithium levels when these two drugs are combined. Metronidazole increases concentrations of the non-depolarizing muscle relaxant Vecuronium and decreases clearance, increasing the toxicity of 5 fluorouracil. Concomitant use with alcohol Metronidazole can cause symptoms such as heat, redness, vomiting, heart palpitations. In order vĩ đại avoid unwanted interactions when using Pidazol, patients should inform their doctor/pharmacist of all medicines, dietary supplements and vitamins... they are taking.

8. Be careful when using Pidazol

When using Pidazol, caution should be exercised in the following cases:
Patients with suspected gastric ulcer, ileitis or chronic colitis. Use with caution in the elderly or slow bowel movements because the drug is formulated in film-coated tablets, which are released slowly in the toàn thân. Do not take Pidazol while lying down. Use with caution in pregnant women. In short, Pidazol is used in the treatment of acute and chronic oral and dental infections. To ensure safety for your health and maximize the effectiveness of your treatment, you need vĩ đại take Pidazo l exactly as directed by your doctor. Store Pidazol at room temperature, away from moisture and direct light.

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