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Uses of medicine Prasocare is used for gastrointestinal diseases. Before using, patients need to lớn learn and consult a doctor to lớn understand the effects as well as side effects from Prasocare. Here are some shared information to lớn help readers better understand Prasocare.

1. Uses of the drug Prasocare

Prasocare medicine has the main ingredients including Esomeprazole 40 mg. The use of Prasocare is announced to lớn be able to lớn limit the ability to lớn secrete acidic gastric juices in the stomach. This mechanism works by inhibiting the ability to lớn pump acid to lớn the cell wall through the effect of inhibiting ACE and inhibiting the secretion of secretions.
Patients using Prasocare can be adults and children. However, to lớn ensure the effectiveness of the drug, you need to lớn refer to lớn the following list of specified subjects:
Patients with heartburn syndrome leading to lớn gastric reflux The patient is found to lớn have stomach pain with inflammation ulcers Prophylaxis of gastric ulcers for patients after treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Treatment for patients with Zollinger Ellison syndrome Prasocare is used to lớn treat gastrointestinal diseases mainly in the stomach. thick. In some cases, it is possible to lớn change the indication or use it not as indicated. However, before taking the drug, you need to lớn kiểm tra your health and talk to lớn your doctor.

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2. Dosage and how to lớn use Prasocare

Prasocare is prepared in the sườn of tablets with a coating that is easy to lớn dissolve in the intestines, so sánh when taking it, it is necessary to lớn swallow the whole tablet to lớn avoid the impact of breaking the outer layer. You should have an extra glass of water to lớn drink with Prasocare and use it 1 hour before eating so sánh that the toàn thân can react to lớn reduce gastrointestinal effects after loading food.
The dose of medicine after the doctor prescribes the patient needs to lớn ensure that they are used correctly and regularly throughout the course of the dose. Situations of forgetting or taking the wrong dose should be minimized. In case you accidentally take the wrong medicine or forget to lớn take the medicine, you should report it to lớn your doctor for timely tư vấn.
Dosage of Prasocare is based on the patient's medical condition. Common dosage is applied to lớn patients over 12 years old. For patients under 12 years of age, it should be carefully checked and monitored by a doctor when using. You can refer to lớn the dosage of Prasocare according to lớn the following indications:
Gastrointestinal lesions in patients with frequent reflux will usually take a single dose of 40mg, equivalent to lớn 1 tablet/day. Each course of treatment requires treatment for about 1 month. The duration of treatment can be extended up to lớn 2 months if the drug effect is not achieved as expected. Patients with early detection of acid reflux without serious damage will receive a dose of trăng tròn mg. Before using, you should kiểm tra the level of esophagitis, if not, then apply this dose. People who determine stomach ulcers need to lớn combine Prasocare with antibiotics to lớn treat it for 7 days when needing tư vấn. With a regimen using a combination of antibiotics, the usual dose is trăng tròn mg. When the usual treatment will be used dose of 20-40 mg can be divided into 2 doses. Prophylaxis of intestinal injury caused by anti-inflammatory drugs can be used as a maintenance dose of trăng tròn mg. Duration of use is about 1-2 months depending on the patient's condition. Patients with Zollinger Ellison syndrome should use a single dose of 40 mg and monitor the body's needs. The usual dose of patients with this condition is usually 80 - 160 mg. With doses from 80 mg should be divided into 2 doses. Patients with mild and moderate renal failure vì thế not affect the treatment dose. But patients with severe functional impairment need to lớn consult a doctor to lớn adjust. With liver disease is similar when severe liver failure should not use Prasocare more kêu ca trăng tròn mg / day.

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3. Precautions before taking Prasocare

Before using Prasocare, patients need to lớn be checked to lớn prevent health risks such as allergies or drug interactions. Any ingredient in Prasocare is also a cause of health hazards and affects the patient's treatment process. You need to lớn talk to lớn your doctor and carefully kiểm tra your allergy history to lớn detect it in time.
Children under 12 years old are not in the target group indicated to lớn use Prasocare. In urgent cases when there is a prescription from a new doctor, this subject should be used. Women who suspect pregnancy or are breastfeeding are no exception. If you feel uncomfortable before using the drug, you should consider carefully to lớn avoid future effects.

4. Side effects of Prasocare

Stomach bloating Gastrointestinal disorders Vomiting or often nausea Abdominal pain Allergies Headache Unusual hot flashes Hallucinations Drowsiness easy to lớn sleep Rash, pimples, urticaria, Dermatitis, Dry mouth, Vision impairment, Dizziness Dizziness may be accompanied by loss of balance. Patients may experience many other symptoms that are not listed above. To avoid dangerous side effects, you first need to lớn regularly monitor your health before, during and after using Prasocare. Any abnormalities detected, please report back to lớn the doctor for further monitoring.
In addition, the patient should regularly re-examine and perform periodic tests. Test scores through each stage will be saved for review when needed. Even the smallest index fluctuations can be detected if the patient keeps the health kiểm tra routine in accordance with regulations.

5. Interactions with Prasocare

Prasocare drugs cause interactions that can be due to lớn many reasons. Most of the causes were recorded because the patient did not know the information about using it with other drugs or had an undetected medical condition affecting the use of Prasocare.
You need to lớn be careful to lớn avoid using foods or drugs that can cause irritation. This case is not common, but only occurs in a certain group of subjects, so sánh it is necessary to lớn consult a doctor. Each actual patient will have specific advice. Patients can refer to lớn some of the commonly detected interactions as follows:
Prasocare used at the same time as Ketoconazole, Itraconazole reduces the effect of drugs that affect dose judgment Simultaneously combining Prasocare with Clomipramine , Diazepam, Citalopram and Imipramine may cause an increase in plasma drug concentration leading to lớn overdose. Using Prasocare with Cisapride will increase plasma drug concentration and increase the half-life, affecting health. Some can overload the body's ability to lớn excrete due to lớn increased drug intake. Each drug has unique medicinal properties. When using the combination, the patient should consult the doctor. Avoid arbitrarily sharing drugs that can cause serious health effects due to lớn accidental drug interactions. Even functional foods should not be subjective, please inform your doctor about the effects of allergies and medications you are using to lớn early control the risk of drug interactions.
Uses Prasocare is often used for stomach ulcers and intestinal damage. Patients using Prasocare need to lớn regularly monitor their toàn thân expressions. If you have any unusual reactions that affect your daily life and health, please quickly report it to lớn your doctor for timely tư vấn.