• Send your employees an text or tin nhắn if you want to tát reach them in the sự kiện of a crisis

  • Choose from a text template or send an individual text

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  • Answers from your employees are displayed directly in the communication tab


Points of Interest (POI)

  • Load points of interest, such as your company locations or project locations into the map view

  • Storage of images for individual POIs with optional move to tát google street view

  • Automatic POI liên hệ maintenance of the local liên hệ person

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Management of Risk Areas

  • Display of the crisis areas, subdivided into medical, security and overall risks on the world map

  • Possibility to tát manage crisis areas individually

  • Current: Display of the Covid case numbers in all districts in Germany

  • Load your expats into TD care ví that you can reach them at any time

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  • Add individual details such as emergency contacts

  • Include the expats in the defined travel security process

Expats Administration